Stay on top of life with Axe Flow.

Drive performance and eliminate legacy limitations with life insurance software that’s adaptable to the core.

In a fast-paced world, your life insurance core systems need to be able to keep pace with the changing demands of your customers. Introducing Axe Flow. Designed specifically for life insurance, Axe Flow is a modular solution that combines superior functionality with customisation just where you need it. With a single customer view across all channels, it offers everything you need to streamline policy management and deliver an enhanced, seamless experience, to stay on top of life.


Win new business and drive sales

Launch even the most complex products quickly and efficiently. With speed and ease to market, you’re free to experiment, innovate, and trial new campaigns – without being held back by high costs or technological limitations. Our end-to-end software allows you to manage all underwriting activities in one place, and close more sales on the spot via straight-through processing.


Boost processing speed and accuracy

With full case management capability, you can let Axe Flow take care of all your transactions across channels and brands from new business, adjustments, and mid-term changes, to renewals, cancellation, reinstatements, and lapses. Improve your processing speed and accuracy with automated workflows, document generation, and workload balancing. Plus, get a real-time view of all business activity, including daily task throughput, team task, breakdowns, and manager views.


Automate and streamline claims processes

Axe Flow’s straight-through processing removes the inefficiencies of manual handling, making processing bottlenecks a thing of the past. With automation of standard tasks and instant access to customer data, staff have the tools and time they need to ensure a high level of personal service ̶ allowing them to connect with customers during key moments. And it’s effortless to keep your clients up-to-date, with secure self-service access to check how their claim is progressing.


Get to know your clients

Axe Flow’s single customer view puts all key client information and correspondence in one easy place with changes reflected across the organisation. Offer your clients greater visibility over their claims lodgement and progress through an intuitive online client portal, creating an enhanced claims experience.


Drive better decision making

Axe Flow puts rich business data at your fingertips, delivering total visibility over all activities and information. Create feedback loops to instantly improve decision-making, and automate reporting with workflow and workload reports. You can also merge to your existing data lake, ensuring that data is in a readily accessible form wherever you need it.


Simplify your customer payments

Axe Flow takes the hassle out of customer payments, with automatic processing of instalment premiums and prompt payment of agent commissions. Instant matching and reconciliation of payments saves your team time and effort on manual work. And, by offering your clients a wide range of flexible payment options and plans, you can improve the customer experience and ensure payment.


Create stronger reinsurer relationships

Axe Flow makes it easy to comply with the conditions of reinsurance treaties, without the need for manual processing. Ensure accuracy by automating bordereau and payments ̶ and improve your communication with reinsurers to simplify and strengthen relationships.