Industry trends for 2019
30th March, 2019
Insurance companies have found very hard to transform to a digital world.
But a revolution is happening which can no longer be ignored.
The BRD paradox
5th December, 2018
How less requirements in the BRD can lead to a better solution.
Thoughts on how to reduce the complexity in a pragmatic way.
Digital Strategy
5th December, 2018
A great User eXperience needs great technology
You can’t win the moon race with technology from the dark ages.
The challenge to innovate
5th December, 2018
Innovation is now critical given the rapid changes in the market.
Ideas on how the insurance industry can rise to the challenge.
True costs of a system
5th December, 2018
How to understand - and reduce – the true cost of a system.
The long term cost can be over 10 times the initial cost.
Great design
5th December, 2018
Are you jumping on the UX bandwagon?
Why great UX is hard to do – and how to make it easier
Top 10 IT Project Mistakes
10th December, 2018
Project failure in IT is far too common
My thoughts on how to succeed
Configuration not Code
10th December, 2018
Insurance software that makes anyone in the business a potential developer
Ever felt like your insurance software is like a gym membership?
Does UX matter?
5th December, 2018
A bad User eXperience may not mean that you'll lose customers.
But it may be harming your business all the same.