Business intelligence that drives better decision-making

Axe Flow offers complete visibility of all activities, feedback loops, and automated reporting, helping you make more informed business decisions.


Enjoy total visibility across the business


Tap into rich, real-time insights


Discover opportunities and minimise risk

With features like these, there are no limits on performance

Store all data in a cloud data lake
Extract data and transform it into flat structure files
Generate key base reports and analysis
Develop tailored reports using Business Intelligence tools

A platform built on a lifetime of experience

Deliver a seamless end-to-end experience to your customers,  with a single, unified platform containing a complete ecosystem of partners. Our managed SaaS solution does the hard work for you ensuring effortless business flows.

The Axe Group difference.

More than a platform. A partner.

Adaptive to the core

Our feature-rich system is continually evolving and adapting under your business ̶ so you can experience all the benefits, without the disruption.

Solutions built for your business

Axe technologists work closely with your business to ensure agile, dynamic decision-making, and create tailored solutions that truly meet your needs.

25 years and counting

After a quarter century partnering with global insurers and reinsurers, we have the people, data, and processes to support you as you build your future.

The world's moving fast. We’ll help you keep up.