The insurance platform purpose-built for real world needs

Axe Flow's adaptive platform evolves beneath your business to provide ongoing stability through any transformation. A proven framework that supports all insurance functionality ̶ while being readily configurable to your unique needs. Plus, you can explore our ecosystem of leading global SaaS products that support all relevant business functions.


Built-in flexibility and adaptability

With immediate out-of-the-box functionality, a tailored interface, and intuitive design, Axe Flow is easy to implement ̶ and our team can get you up and running right away. Plus, our adaptive platform has the capability to keep up with your vision as it develops, supporting rapid configuration to your evolving business needs.
Client configuration layer
Extensive automated documentation
Optimised, responsive user interface


Real-time data ̶ ready when you need it

Axe Flow exports data for all events in real-time, making it available to your clients for analysis using their own reporting tools. Report directly from Axe Flow, or merge to your existing data lake ̶ ensuring that data is in a readily accessible form for whenever you need it.
Real-time data export
User permissions and data authentication
Point-in-time data recovery


A complete ecosystem of partners

Plug into Axe Flow’s ecosystem of market-leading cloud products ̶ and leverage a wide range of trusted third-party tools and partners. With a solution designed to connect with all major providers, you’ll easily be able to keep pace with an ever-changing insurance landscape.
Open API interfaces
API accessibility
Expanding ecosystem coverage


Architected for resilience, high performance, and scalability

Axe Flow’s robust infrastructure is built on the latest technology base with fully-SaaS cloud hosting. With easy upgrades and regular releases of new features and tools, our adaptive platform is made for sharing across multiple clients.
Secure cloud hosting
Continuous platform upgrades
Security and privacy assured


Baked-in security at every level

The platform that never gets out of date

With constant upgrades to the platform, you know you’re always working with the most up-to-date and advanced technology. And the power is in your hands to shape Axe Flow’s future features  ̶ access to our core product development team gives you direct input to our product roadmap.

The Axe Group difference.

More than a platform. A partner.

Adaptive to the core

Our feature-rich system is continually evolving and adapting under your business ̶ so you can experience all the benefits, without the disruption.

Solutions built for your business

Axe technologists work closely with your business to ensure agile, dynamic decision-making, and create tailored solutions that truly meet your needs.

25 years and counting

After a quarter century partnering with global insurers and reinsurers, we have the people, data, and processes to support you as you build your future.

The world's moving fast. We’ll help you keep up.