Breathe new life into retail life insurance

Retail life is in need of a better user experience ̶ lucky there’s Axe Flow to bring it to life. With a single view of customers, you can instantly improve the service you deliver to policy owners and agents, without the effort of change.

Say goodbye to legacy limitations

Legacy systems are limited to serving legacy customers, with legacy products and processes, through legacy channels. So, if your goal is to improve the customer experience, expand into new markets, and reduce the cost to serve, then you need a platform that can keep up. With our fully-managed SaaS solution, we do the hard work for you ̶ empowering your organisation to adapt to change, without the effort.

Enable true end-to-end connection

Our complete SaaS solution has your business covered ̶ from new clients to claims and even reinsurance. Axe Flow makes purchasing easy, with straight-through processing, a high rate of auto-approval, a wide range of payment options, and rapid commission payments. The end result? Stronger client and agent relationships and a thriving retail life business.

Bring together all your business functions

Axe Flow connects advisers and clients with services and back-end processing ̶ enabling you to pass data quickly across the organisation, and generate reports directly from Axe Flow’s Business Intelligence module. Plus, you can explore our ecosystem of global SaaS integrations across every business function, from data to CRM and more.

The Axe Group difference.

More than a platform. A partner.

Adaptive to the core

Our feature-rich system is continually evolving and adapting under your business ̶ so you can experience all the benefits, without the disruption.

Solutions built for your business

Axe technologists work closely with your business to ensure agile, dynamic decision-making, and create tailored solutions that truly meet your needs.

25 years and counting

After a quarter century partnering with global insurers and reinsurers, we have the people, data, and processes to support you as you build your future.

The world's moving fast. We’ll help you keep up.