Building software with intelligence

“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” — Albert Einstein

At Axe Group we’ve been developing software for the Internet for 17 years, and we’ve been working on our Axelerator product for 14 years. During this time we’ve learnt a lot about software development, especially about using Java to build enterprise class solutions for insurance companies.

Our focus has always been on delivering quality solutions for our clients at reasonable prices and in short time frames.

We do this by:

  • using current, highly productive technology,
  • employing smart, highly-skilled developers,
  • and by continually extending the flexibility of Axelerator.

The result is we can quickly tailor individual solutions for our clients. We remove the need for our clients to worry about the underlying software and the risks associated with a major build project. They just need to determine what they need for their business, articulate the requirements to us and then review the solution as we implement it.

Axe Group: The Insurance Specialists

Axelerator has always been designed to meet the specific needs of our insurance clients. For 14 years we have constantly expanded and rewritten Axelerator as technology has changed and have extended the scope of Axelerator from Quoting to supporting Life and General Insurance for New Business and Policy Administration and Life Insurance for Claims processing.

Now we’ve made it very simple for our insurance clients. They simply need to tell us what they want. If the requirements are new, we’ll extend Axelerator at our expense to meet their needs. Then we install the latest release of Axelerator and configure it to meet their requirements. Our clients only need to verify that we’ve met their needs.

Compared with just four years ago, we’ve improved Axelerator so much that project work is cut by over 75%, and we’ve reduced the average elapsed project time to less than 50%. At the same time we deliver a significantly more robust and higher quality solution. We have also reduced the risks and uncertainties of projects as we now follow well established patterns in tailoring the solutions. Upgrades are also relatively straight forward, taking a just few weeks instead of months.

Axelerator: Your Single Platform

All our clients run off the same code base, whether it’s claims or policy processing. Axelerator has a highly-structured, modular architecture that supports a wide range of features such as document generation, workflow, rules processing, system interfaces and dynamically generating the browser interface.

So our clients gets the best of two worlds: a robust, well engineered Java code base and a personalized solution tailored to their business.