Axelerator is feature-rich and constantly evolving. Tailor a solution to suit your products and processes by configuration and rules – not coding.
Core Insurance Functions:
Manage life insurance and general insurance policies and claims in a single platform

New Business

Support all products from single coverage to complex multi-coverage products with extensive options such as business pack and full retail life Insurance

Needs analysis & pre-assessment
  • Calculate the recommended insurance cover
  • Provide indicative loadings, exclusions and discounts that will apply based on declared variations from standard risk
  • Pre-fill new business with needs analysis & pre-assessment data
Centralised underwriting workbench
  • Gather additional information to assist with risk assessment
  • Apply loadings, discounts and exclusions
  • Supports issuing multiple proposals for different scenarios for the same risks
Support for even complex pricing
  • Calculate premiums, commissions and charges for very complex multi-risk and multi-cover products across life, domestic and commercial insurance and more
  • Calculate premium progressions for life products

Policy Management

Full policy management for all transactions including new business, mid-term adjustments, renewals, cancellations and lapses.

Easily create product variations

Dynamically tailor of hundreds of product variations using rules to select the desired options from a master policy structure

Automated workflows

Automate key tasks with rule-based workflows

Document generation

Easily generate and export documents, spreadsheets and PDFs

Extensive reporting options
  • Support extensive ad hoc, regular internal and external reporting
  • Generates all back end transactions for reinsurance, general ledger, debtors, creditors and statutory reporting

Claims Lodgement

Simplify the process of application and acceptance.

Keep them informed

Give clients and providers secure and direct access to claims lodgement information

Keep service standards high

Streamline manual processing to free your team up to focus on providing service that excels.

Eliminate processing bottlenecks

Remove the inefficiencies and systems that slow your team down.

Claims Management

Pro-active management over the full claims lifecycle to ensure prompt resolution.

Easily manage claims
  • See what policy definitions were current at any time
  • User dashboards show information and functions available
  • Access a full history of events on each claim
Extensive reporting options
  • See service levels, throughput rates, and workloads in real-time
  • Support extensive ad hoc, regular internal and external reporting.
  • Generates all back end transactions for accounting and reinsurance.
Automation makes managing workloads easy
  • Electronic information capture and validation enables automated decisions
  • Allocate cases based on the staff member’s skills and the claim’s complexity
  • Monitor staff workload, productivity and task accuracy
Axelerator’s beyond the core features offer incredible adaptability, delivered through configuration rather than code.


Create a personalised experience for every user

Self service portal

Offer a seamless customer experience

Unify your customer data

Get a single view of the customer

100% web-based UI

Responsive and reflexive to allow easy access to customers, agents and partners from any device.

Dynamic Forms

Extend automatically as questions are answered


Real-time dashboards loaded with customisable charts and tables which can report on anything from Service Level Management to Sales Figures, coupled with escalations


Align all inbound and outbound messages and communications


Easily generate and export documents, spreadsheets and PDFs


Run marketing campaigns on the fly, seamlessly white label, and simplify by converting multiple products to single products with different attributes

Maintain contacts list

Keep correspondence up to date with a centralised people register


Streamline processes with intuitive options

Automated new business and claims

Simplify the process of application and acceptance

Automated workflows

Automate key tasks with rule-based workflows


Remove the need for custom code by using our inbuilt library of plug-in modules


Automatically generate APIs allow systems to communicate


Change as fast as you want to without being limited by resource or cost

Skill-based routing

Redirect work to the most skilled or underutilised agents


Make live changes and test new ideas quickly.


Scalable capacity in minutes

Smart UI
  • Create and deploy UI changes in seconds
  • Automatically generate all forms and inquiry screens from the rules


Access almost unlimited data on all activity to make exploring insights easy


All related data exported on every event


Make it easy to share data across different system components

Benefit from features that are shared across the entire system.

Skill-based routing

  • Workflow management
  • Windward Report integration generates documents in Word, PDF and Excel, including graphs and charts
  • Document store - keep all documents with related transactions for fast retrieval


  • User-friendly drag and drop tool for defining and managing rules
  • Runs on PC or laptop, mobile or tablet, with or without internet


  • Full user control over user registration, authentication and authorisation
  • User permissions that prevent unauthorised penetration